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Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Thoroughly Post-Modern Mary" [A Biographic Narrative Interview With Mary Gergen], by Kip Jones, 2006

[video performance]


Kip Jones said...

Thanks for posting this Daniel. Viewers might also like to see the 'print' version online at:

Good-bye and best of luck. It has been a pleasure having you with us here at Bournemouth.

"To thine own self be true."


Kip Jones said...

The URL went off the page!
Viewers can find the link on my webpage:


Daniel Dominguez said...

Thank you very much Kip for take a look at my blog and share with the people your impressions... you will be always very welcome… and I will keep sharing your works in the amazing field of Performative Social Science in this blog.
Thanks in deep also for all your support during these weeks. I came to the Centre for Qualitative Research with an open mind attitude but I would never ever be expected all the knowledge you have brought to me.